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At NQEF we can supply and offer expert advice on the entire range of Hiab products including Loader Cranes, Forklift Cranes, Hooklifts, tail lifts and Mobile Elevating WOrk Platforms.

We provide an installation service on all of the Hiab products as well as stocking a comprehensive list of parts. It is adviseable that you discuss your requirements with us first so that we can help steer you towards the correct Hiab product for your application.

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Light Capacity Range <10 tm

Mid Capacity Range 10 - 23tm

High Capacity Range >23tm

Mobile Elevated Work Platform

Hiab XS MEWP - Two solutions in one
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The safety standard for work using mobile elevating work platforms, otherwise known as personnel baskets, keeps getting stricter. The current standard, EN 280, places high safety requirements on both crane and basket. And, given that safety has always been a major concern at Hiab, your new Hiab XS HiPro crane can now be fitted with a personnel basket - in full compliance with European standard EN 280. We call this option Mobile Elevating Work Platform, MEWP.


Light duty tail lifts

Our light duty tail lifts are specifically designed for installation on vans. It offers You a market leading loading capacity and installation flexibility.

Light duty standard tail lifts 

Zepro's new Z model range of light duty tail lifts has several advantages for both the installer as well as the user. Lower weight allows greater vehicle loading capacity.
Aluminium is used to optimize this effect in the aesthetically designed high strength platform and fixed 3 part bumper bar. A new valve system reduces current consumption by 20%. Customised installation brackets, pre-wired hydraulic units as well as control units reduce installation time significantly. Wiring and hoses are pre-connected, just attach the hydraulic and control units to the chassis/body respectively.

Sliders for trucks

Zepro sliders lead the way in terms of smooth motion and ease of use. Based on many years of experience the sliding system matched up with the standard tail lift provides an unbeatable combination for user flexibility and installation simplicity. The hydraulic motor driven slide system offered on all sliding tail lifts from Zepro ensures smooth in/out motion, whilst its integration into the design makes no additional installation demands. Installation is via simple bolt on connections and the wide range of platform dimensions available ensures a product to suit practically all applications.

Sliders for semitrailers

As in the case of sliders for installation on trucks, these models offer a high performance package plus the additional attraction of a rapid clamp-on connection for extremely quick installation. Different versions are offered to cater for varying vehicle geometries and in particular ground clearance can be maximized with the ZSS models. Service costs are kept to a minimum via the extensive use of top quality components sourced from around the world.




Truck Mounted Forklifts

Hiab Moffett Truck-mounted forklifts

The concept of Truck-mounted Forklifts was invented by us more than 40 years ago; a load handling solution that has revolutionised the way materials are distributed across the globe. Today, the Hiab Moffett is the world's number one selling Truck-mounted Forklift.

With a high quality production plant in Ireland employing a team of professional and skilled personnel, together with state of the art engineering and R&D facilities, you can be assured that with a Hiab Moffett Truck-mounted Forklift, confidence will be delivered daily to your customers.

A Hiab Moffett can be carried on the rear of virtually any truck or trailer combination and can be mounted or dismounted in less than one minute.



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